On May 12th of this year, the movie millions of science fiction fans have been waiting for will open in theatres everywhere, and as one of those fans, I will be on hand to enjoy at last the spectacle of Battlefield Earth on the big screen. Not only am I a big fan of the bestselling novel, but I was lucky enough to land a small role in the film, along with my friend and fellow RSTC performer, Tait Ruppert. We shot in Montreal last September and got to witness first hand the incredible work being done on this film, and meet the brilliant director Roger Christian, whom George Lucas personally recommended for the job.

Battlefield Earth is a monumental work of science fiction by bestselling author L. Ron Hubbard. It garnered numerous literary awards from all over the world, and is considered one of the great works in the pantheon of science fiction. The story is so huge, and the scope so enormous that it took the advancements of the digital special effects revolution, and the talents of John Travolta to make it possible to do the story justice.

The film stars Travolta as Terl, the villianous alien security chief, in one of the most deliciously evil roles of his career. Barry Pepper, whose work in Saving Private Ryan and The Green Mile made me a fan, is Jonnie, the hero of the story. The talented Forrest Whittaker also appears, as Terl's sidekick. Visit for up-to-date information and interviews. By the time I travelled out to Montreal last year to work on the film, the principal photography was nearly complete.

My scene was a thrill to act in; it was a night shoot, a big battle scene with bombs going off, bullets flying and stuntmen diving all over the place. Action! I fired on incoming aliens and dodged explosions and gunfire... the kind of things I'd always dreamed of doing in a movie. During the takes, the noise from all the explosions was so loud, the director's "Cut" couldn't be heard, so the shooting just went on and on! And the funny thing was, all this chaos was all taking place a block away from busy downtown Montreal! My friend Tait was there with me in the middle of the action, firing away, guns blazing, as the alien Psychlos tried to kill off the last human survivors of planet earth. Did they succeed? You'll have to see the movie to see if Tait and I make it out alive!

Battlefield Earth is a movie about freedom and perseverance against impossible odds. Go and see it when it comes out on May 12th, and bring the whole family. See it a couple of times! Like Star Wars, it is rich with characters and action, and full of incredible special effects to support the positive message of the story. That's where I'll be on May 12th; see you there!


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