Itís tempting for anyone writing about the last year to emphasize the ìuncertaintiesî we all face heading into the year 2001. After all, uncertainty and indecision seem to have hit an all time high on a national scale; if there were an uncertainty index, like the consumer confidence index used by stock market afficianados, itíd be in the stratosphere.

But unless you work in the news media, concentrating on uncertainty is counterproductive, so the rest of us should perhaps put our minds on some of the many available certainties that exist in wild abundance around us on the cusp of this new millenium. For example:

The sun is still shining and has not become unfixed in itís relationship to our planet.

Human beings are still basically good.

Y2K was a big overblown non-event, and we donít have to worry about it anymore. However, if youíd like to buy some junk silver and dehydrated meatloaf, call me.

Itís still a good idea to brush your teeth, and to keep your hands clean, especially if youíre going somewhere for sushi.

Roses are in bloom in various places all over the globe, right this very minute. In other places, unbeknownst to the roses, people are out earning money so that they can afford to buy a dozen to give to someone special.

The really important problems in life arenít going to be solved by the president of the United States, anyway, no matter who he is.

And of course, The Meskimen Update continues to find you, wherever you may be. Now, doesnít that do wonders for the old confidence?


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