Well, Iím happy to report that once again, the opinion of the media was discovered to be dead wrong.

For weeks now, the newswires and TV stations had been declaiming about the forthcoming ěRecessionî, using that and other long words to imply that all was bad and going to get increasingly worse, no doubt about it.

For awhile it seemed that the news anchors, talk show hosts and other rumormongers would prevail, and that eventually enough group agreement would mechanically occur to make these grisly predictions come true. Perhaps even you, dear reader, had made the goof of thinking that 2001 was going to inevitably be a stinker, one of those years to just write off and forget, a miniature dark age to kick off the millenium, and that nobody and nothing could sway the inflexible mysterious force behind it all.

Well, as it turns out, itís just not true.

True, I have no physical evidence to refute the apparent bad indicators, the current dismal analyses and other Very Good Reasons Why Everything Is Going To Hell In A Handbag. I could perhaps point to a recent event that the media advised us to fear, namely Y2K, which was, as we know, the end of civilization, and is the reason why I am writing this essay on a piece of bark with loganberry juice and a sharp stick. But that isnít really why.

Itís because (get ready for this) we can do something about it. And we usually do. People arenít rocks. We do things. We make things better. And it is precisely when things do look bad that decent people like you and me look around and say ěHow do we fix this?î. And then go ahead and do so. So, it was all just a false alarm, a corny hoax, so please feel free to return to your regularly scheduled Happy New Year, already in progress. And may you never get fooled again.


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