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Jim Meskimen’s Celebrity Impressions

Jim Meskimen has been performing his celebrity impressions, characters and voice sound-alikes since the early eighties, and has been heard on television shows, feature films, news progams, radio talk shows, and internet shorts, such as the phenomenally popular "This Land".

His impressions and characters have been featured on animated TV shows such as Rugrats, Pinky & The Brain, Superman, Time Squad, Avatar and many others. He has also branched into the field of CD ROMS and videogames, doing celebrity voice matches for the game versions of Shark Tale, and Robots, as well as Spiderman, Hit Man, Everquest, and the Baldur's Gate series, among others.

Many fans will remember Jim as Will Smith's college professor on NBC's series, The Fresh Prince of Belair, who did impressions as a part of his lectures in Will's philosophy class.

Here are some of the voices from Jim's ever-growing list of celebrity impressions; click on the bold names to hear a sample.

Woody Allen
Louis Armstrong
Desi Arnaz/William Frawley
Marlon Brando
Walter Brennan
Wilford Brimley
Tom Brokaw/
Pres. George W. Bush

Mel Brooks
Pres. George Bush senior
Nicholas Cage
Johnny Carson
Pres. Jimmy Carter
James Carville
Charlie Chaplin
John Cleese/Michael Palin
Pres. Bill Clinton
George Clooney
Sean Connery
Bill Cosby
Kevin Costner
Jacques Cousteau
Simon Cowell
The Crocodile Hunter
Walter Cronkite
Russell Crowe
Robert Deniro
Neil Diamond
Bob Dole
Kirk Douglas
Michael Douglas
Richard Dreyfuss
Bob Dylan
John Edwards
Sam Elliot
Peter Falk
Colin Farrell
Lawrence Fishburne
Pres. Gerald R. Ford
Allen Funt
Morgan Freeman
Sir John Geilgud
Ricky Gervais
Al Gore
Kelsey Grammer
Gene Hackman
Tom Hanks
Sean Hannity
Ed Harris
Paul Harvey
Charleton Heston
/Dustin Hoffman

Alfred Hitchcock
Anthony Hopkins
Paul Hogan
Dennis Hopper
Ron Howard
John Huston
Boris Karloff
Andy Kaufman
Tommy Lee Jones
Garrison Keillor
Ted Kennedy
John Kerry
Ted Koppel
Burt Lancaster
Jude Law
Jack Lemmon
Jay Leno
David Letterman
Joe Lieberman
Rush Limbaugh
James Lipton
Bela Lugosi
John Malkovich
Chico Marx
Groucho Marx
Ian McKellan
Burgess Meredith
Ricardo Montalban
Michael Moore
Donny Most
Jack Nicholson
Pres. Richard Nixon
Bill O' Reilly
Peter O' Toole
Gregory Peck
Joe Pesci
Jean Reno
Keanu Reeves
Charlie Rose
George Sanders
Martin Scorcese
Vin Scully
Jimmy Stewart
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Rod Serling
Robert Siegel (NPR host)
William Shatner
Frank Sinatra
Tom Skerrit
Tavis Smiley
Kevin Spacey
Patrick Stewart
Tom Waits
Christopher Walken
Orson Welles
Anson Williams
Robin Williams
Bruce Willis
Henry Winkler
Chinese Guy
Japanese Guy
Mexican Guy
Texan Guy
Judgemental Guy
Movie Trailer Guy
Latrobe Ponchetrain

For more characters and voices, go to the Jim's Voiceovers page.

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